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The 39 Steps – a comedy thriller

The 39 Steps – a comedy thriller

In this play, Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film (based on John Buchan’s book) has been recreated for the stage in comedy form. Featuring four incredible actors tackling over 100 different roles at breakneck speeds, this is a comedy thriller like no other!

This adaptation, by Patrick Barlow, ran in the West End from 2006–2015, making it the fifth longest running play in West End history, and scooping up the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy along the way.


Performed Wednesday 26th –  Saturday 29 April 2017 at St Anne’s Hall


London. 1935. August.

Europe rumbles in the background as Richard Hannay slouches home. His club smells of old duffers. The weather makes him liverish. He is bored.

But by chance, on a casual visit to the theatre, he falls in with the mysterious Annabella Schmidt. She sweeps him up, and suddenly Richard Hannay is a player in the deadliest of games. Now he must criss-cross the country to clear his name and uncover the true nature of…

…The Thirty-Nine Steps!


Note: Contains Strobe Lighting




Richard Hannay
Dominic Alan-Smith
Pamela / Annabella / Margaret
Cat Fox-Kirk
Clown One
Christine Peirson
Clown Two
Paul Johnson
Lloyd Smith
Assistant Director
Laura Chisholm
Sharron Stubbs
Fi Makujina
Stage Manager
Debby Thomas
Assistant Stage Manager
Sarah Brice
Assistant Stage Manager
Laura Jane Parsons
Brian Carroll
Eamonn O’Reilly
Set Design
Richard Allport
Joanna Dodd
Lighting Design
Cat Fox-Kirk
Publicity Design
Vanessa Marchant
Colin Sheehan & Emma Jamieson
Adapted by Patrick Barlow
From the novel by John Buchan
From the movie of Alfred Hitchcock
Licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Limited
and an original concept by Simon Corble and Nobby Dimon