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Cast announced for ‘A Study In Fear’

We are delighted to announce that we have now cast our October show, ‘A Study in Fear’!

Auditions took place on Sunday 7 July and the response was overwhelming! Naturally, the huge turnout made the decision that much more difficult, but having had some time to reflect, Director Rich Allport has confirmed the final cast as follows:

  • Presenter 1 – Ailsa Wright
  • Presenter 2 – Eamonn O’Reilly
  • 1980s Professor Hainning (ghost investigator) – Ben Ellis
  • 1950s Professor Hainning (ghost investigator) – Dominic Kendrick
  • Henrietta (Radio presenter) – Veronica Montalbetti
  • Mrs Bradshaw – Jo Dodd
  • Maggie (Removal lady)/Barbara (Receptionist) – Ellie Stevens
  • Sam (Attic clearer) – Simon Truscott
  • Lucy (Attic clearer) – Lauren Fassam


Congrats to all those who were cast – you’re all somewhat spooky in your own way, so we just know the show will be frightfully spectacular!

Many thanks also, to all those who took the time to come and audition – a perfect reminder as to just how much talent we have in the group.

Further details about the show can be found below, but if you would like more information about how you can get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What’s it about?

The audience of ‘A Study in Fear’ will be immersed in a modern day lecture on the paranormal. As part of the lecture, they will be transported to a time when Ghost investigations were headline news. They’ll meet professor Ben Hainning and spend the evening with him as he tries to find evidence of the paranormal in the infamous ‘Bradshaw house’.

Inspired by The Woman in Black, Ghost Stories and Blithe Spirit, ‘A Study in Fear’, hopes to expose why we love a good a ghost story and use it to create a wonderfully scary theatrical experience.

Show Dates

  • Show week – 23 to 26 October
  • Technical and dress rehearsals – Sat 19, Sun 20 October


  • St Anne’s Church Hall, St. Ann’s Crescent, Wandsworth, London SW18 2RS