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Aladdin – January 2014 Panto

Aladdin – January 2014 Panto

The evil magician Abanazar has a problem. He has lost the powerful magic lamp in a dark, dirty, dangerous cave, and he needs the help of a young boy to retrieve it. Someone very like Aladdin, in fact. Aladdin himself is a laundry worker in Old Peking, and is besotted with the Princess, who he sees regularly on her walkabout in the city. We meet Aladdin’s mother, the Widow Twankee, and Aladdin’s friend and co-worker Wishee Washee. Together with the Princess they fight the force of evil that is Abanazar, and his fawning henchman Karkus.


Who will win the battle to secure the magic lamp, and the services of its magical owner, the Genie? Will Widow Twankee pluck up the courage to ride on the flying carpet? Why is the Palace on the Moon? And what exactly is “The Parrot of Truth”? All the answers, and many more questions, are in this new version of the classic Pantomime story.



A traditional panto done in traditional style which was clearly appreciated by a full and very vocal house that entered into the spirit and helped make it a really excellent evening’s entertainment.  All the elements were there in spades and this helped the audience feel comfortable and able to fully relax into it.  It was also clear that the cast were enjoying themselves not only as characters but also in reaction to the audience.

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Friday Jan 17th 2014 at 7.30pm
Saturday Jan 18th 2014 at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Sunday Jan 19th 2014 at 1.00pm and 5.30pm
Friday Jan 24th 2014 at 7.30pm
Saturday Jan 25th 2014 [MATINEE SOLD OUT] and 7.30pm
Sunday Jan 26th 2014 at 1.00pm and 5.30pm



Kids having fun being onstage during the first weekend performances of Aladdin

Aladdin Kids

Photos from the Dress Rehearsal (on Flickr)








Aladdin – Pippa Nightingale
Widow Twankee – Keith Barnes
Wishee Washee – Joanna Dodd
Princess Wow-Wee – Becca Stafford
Prince Coolie – Paul Johnson
The Genie of the Lamp – Rory Curnock Cook
Abanazar – Richard Allport
Karkus – Stephanie Kendrick
Empress – Charlotte Alexander
Wazir – Marc Chittock


Directed by Paul Johnson
Assistant Director – Keith Barnes
Producer – Emma Stallard
Stage Manager – Christina Myers
Lighting Desk – Cat Fox-Kirk
Sound Desk – Ailsa Wright