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Arts review: Non de script improv night

Arts review: Non de script improv night

A bunch of our She Stoops to Conquer cast (plus friends and partners) went along to see South London Improv group Non de Script’s improv show at The Colour House theatre at the end of May.  The cunning plan was to have a fun social for the cast while at the same time getting a peek at the stage that we’ll be peforming on.

The show saw the 4 members of the Non de Script troupe kitted out in classic thespy black t-shirts run through a range of different styles of improvisation game.  This provided variety whilst sticking to the core improv tenet of the audience suggesting the characters, styles and situations for the peformers.

Starting with a a funeral for a worm, performed in different film styles, and ending with a convict being strapped into the electric chair by his executioner whilst reading out phrases written down by the audience, some classic moments were:

* A neurotic midwife teaching an anxious new mother how to change a nappy in exaggerated styles, ending with chocolate éclair fixation.

* Bananaman appearing at a press conference for saving a pig from mud (and having to guess who he was and why he was there)

* Cast member Marc being called on stage with his wife Shirley to describe how they met, followed by the group putting on their own improvised rendition of that first date, complete with stolen season tickets and uneventful chinese meals. Marc and Shirley given a hooter and bell to signal to the actors when they were getting things wrong or right, and them changing direction accordingly.

* A series of letters from Napoleon Bonaparte to Michael Gove, with the performers in two teams only allowed to speak alternate words of their letter.    I’m not entirely sure that one of the teams quite got who Michael Gove was, with their lemming-themed letter, but on the other side, Francesca’s clever use of authoritarian words while Dave kept putting the ball back in her court with fillers was very funny.