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Arts Reviews: Macbeth

Arts Reviews: Macbeth (March, 2013)

We thought it would be entertaining to share some of New Stagers members’ reviews of recent productions they’ve seen in and around London. Opinions and views are something we’re not light on, so watch out for some ‘colourful’ and...
Glad You Came to Cinderella

Glad You Came to Cinderella (January, 2013)

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all of the people who came along to see our January Panto “Cinderella” – in particular the people who braved it through the snow over the show’s first weekend.  ...
AmDram: Is it for me?

AmDram: Is it for me? (December, 2012)

The root of the word amateur means doing something you love, and what most amateur drama productions have in common is evidence of that passion in those who take part. At New Stagers we pride ourselves on the breadth...
History of Pantomime

History of Pantomime (November, 2012)

What’s a pantomime? I’m sure I’m not the only one to have been asked this by non-native friends and colleagues. One thing it’s not is a white-face, silent fellow dressed in a black leotard looking sad inside an imaginary...
New Stagers: Amateur Theatre in South West London

New Stagers: Amateur Theatre in South West London (November, 2012)

Welcome to New Stagers.  Whether you call us an amateur theatre group, an amateur dramatics society, or amdram club, our aim is to perform high quality non-professional theatre in South West London. Our main base is  St. Anne’s Hall,...