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Next New Members Evening 6 August (July, 2017)

If you’re interested in the group, probably the best thing to do is to come along to one of our new members evenings. We organise these once a month in The Brewers Inn for people who are interested in...
Happy 50th Birthday to us!

Happy 50th Birthday to us! (January, 2017)

Noel Gallagher. Nicole Kidman. Matt Le Blanc. Pamela Anderson. And New Stagers. Or ‘Old Stagers’ as we shall now be known. All born in 1967. All looking good for their age. It’s hard to imagine a time before New...
New Stagers – The Formative Years

New Stagers – The Formative Years (January, 2017)

In honour of our 50th Anniversary this year, we’re publishing an article written by a former member, John Glasscock, about the early days of the New Stagers Group. Or for information about our first ever show as New Stagers,...