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Farndale Macbeth

Farndale Macbeth

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of ‘Macbeth’


The ladies of the FAHETG Dramatic Society have been rehearsing ‘Macbeth’ for nine months, and tonight’s performance is their chance to get to the regional finals in Welwyn Garden City. But Lady Macbeth got on the wrong bus and is lost, and another cast member’s leg is in a cast. And there’s another little snag….  They can’t act!


NODA Review

Apart from panto, it’s not often that amateur groups tackle comedy and on this evidence that is perhaps a challenge more groups should look at.  From the opening piano rendition of “The Sound of Music” done in Les Dawson style by Lesley Tulley to the closure with Mark Stannett in drag, this was a hoot.

Most of us would recognise some of the situations as the sort of thing that happens in a bad rehearsal so it was all rather familiar in a very cringe-worthy way.

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George Peach – Mark Stannett
Mrs Reece – Amanda Clarke
Thelma – Rachel O’Reilly
Henry  – Paul Johnson
Plummer – Ashley Malster
Minnie – Katie Bryan
Dawn – Sharron Stubbs
Kate – Becca Stafford
Felicity – Catriona Lawrie


Director – Orna Joseph
Assistant Director – Ian Pring
Producer – Pat Driver
Stage Manager – Peter Brooker
Lighting Operator – Julia Coleman
Sound Operator – Sam Atkinson