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Future Shows

The following shows will make up our 2018 Season:

April – NSFW

NSFW, written by one of the UKs most exciting current playwrights, Lucy Kirkwood, is about power games, first jobs, getting ahead and moral compasses. Split between a lads’ mag and a women’s glossy, the play exposes the fleshy underbelly of print journalism and its struggle to stay relevant.

Sharp tongued and quick witted, NSFW will make you laugh, cringe and even feel a bit sorry for millennials.


May – Scene Unseen III

Now in it’s third year, Scene Unseen returns to the Wandsworth Art Fringe Festival in May. Come watch a brand new collection of original short plays written and performed by members of New Stagers.


July – Hamlet

One of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, Hamlet will be New Stagers summer production.

Hamlet returns home to Denmark to attend his father’s funeral and learns that his uncle, Claudius, murdered his own brother, married his widow and seized the throne. The play dramatises Hamlet’s revenge on this uncle.

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October – Remember me this way

November 1997. Princess Diana’s death still resonates three months on. New Labour is in its pomp. The Web is in its infancy. An unknown novelist has just published a story about a teenage wizard. ‎And the premier pop star of the 70s has been arrested for something so unspeakable that the Glam-rock Appreciation Society can barely believe it’s true. Worse still, tonight is the Society’s annual 70s karaoke party. And Ted is determined that the party will go on, whatever anyone thinks, including his wife.

New Stagers presents Ian’s follow-up to his debut play Have A Good Week Till Next Week, which the group successfully staged in 2014.


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