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Future Shows

The following shows will make up our 2017 Season:


January – Crazy Christmas at the Haunted Hotel

When Mrs White and her family arrive at the Hideaway Hotel on Christmas Eve, they are expecting a relaxing seasonal break. But they find only nervous and frightened hotel staff, and a scary and elusive creature which appears to be on the loose in the hotel.

When the family then discovers that Father Christmas and his elves have transferred their toy workshop from the North Pole to the hotel’s boiler room, and that some of the elves have downed tools and are refusing to work, the scene is set for a Crazy Christmas holiday…



April – The 39 Steps (Comedy)

London. 1935. August. Europe rumbles in the background as Richard Hannay slouches home. His club smells of old duffers. The weather makes him liverish. He is bored.

But by chance, on a casual visit to the theatre, he falls in with the mysterious Annabella Schmidt. She sweeps him up, and suddenly Richard Hannay is a player in the deadliest of games. Now he must criss-cross the country to clear his name and uncover the true nature of…

…The Thirty-Nine Steps!



May – Remember Scarborough

An affecting piece involving a one-sided conversation between an old man and his long since dead childhood friend and RAF colleague. At times, the old man is talking through his younger self. The piece explores the naïve excitement of young boys at the outbreak of War, rushing to sign up even though they were too young. For many, the naïve excitement is soon replaced by homesickness and the grim realities of life in the forces. For others, it is an opportunity for a new, more glamourous, life: even if that glamour extends to little more than three square meals a day and a bed to yourself.

The piece explores the effect of war on everyone: those in the thick of it, the sweethearts of servicemen and the parents forced to bury their sons.

The post war period afforded a new level of opportunity to those who wanted to better themselves. But, with all of the celebrations and new lives, there were empty chairs at the tables, the boys who had no future having given their lives for King and Country.


May – Scene Unseen II

Following on from last year’s successful show – a collection of 7 short new plays written by our members, we’ll be putting on a collection of brand new plays as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival.

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July – Happy to Help

A destitute farmer sells his land to a global supermarket chain that drove him out of business. 15 years later and the supermarket stands on that same spot. It is run by the highly capable, verging on unhinged, manager, Vicky. The store has a busy week ahead of them – the UK managing director Tony is coming to work undercover at the store and Vicky has plans for him. It becomes clear he’s not the only one she has plans for as the play unfolds. She’s on a mission and no one is going to get in her way.

Happy to Help is an acerbic comedy about ‘progress’ and its consequences.



October – Ghosts

Oswald, a young artist, returns to his home from Paris, carrying a hidden and deadly disease. His mother is opening an orphanage in memory of her late husband, a pillar of the community whose perversions were kept from public view. But the orphanage is uninsured and one of the builders is careless with matches…

Increasingly desperate, Oswald asks his mother to help him die when the time comes.

Ibsen’s play sparked moral outrage when it was first performed, and over 100 years later remains a visceral portrayal of the diseased side of the human condition.




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