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Young Man Wanted!!

Young Man Wanted!!

Following our recent auditions we’re still looking for someone to play the part of Elliot, playing age: early to mid 20s.


If you are interested, please contact our membership secretary.



Our July play will be Happy to Help by Michael Ross – a dark comedy about slow burning revenge and a supermarket.




A destitute farmer sells his land to a global supermarket chain that drove him out of business. 15 years later and the supermarket stands on that same spot. It is run by the highly capable, verging on dictatorial/ unhinged, manager, Vicky. The store has a busy week ahead of them – the UK managing director Tony is coming to work undercover at the store and Vicky has plans for him. She ends up giving him a far more realistic shop floor experience than he was counting on, which includes stealing his job when the global CEO comes to town.

But Tony is not the only one she has plans for – she squashes shelf stacker Josh’s dreams to be a rock star and then seduces him whilst side-stepping an employees’ union coup.

It looks like Vicky got exactly what she wanted. Vicky installs her boyfriend Josh as store manager when she is promoted and visits him Christmas Day to give him his presents (yes, this is one of her innovations – opening on Christmas Day…). After giving him a copy of the award winning CD from his old band, she gives him a shot gun and tells him to shoot everyone. Josh promptly runs for the hills.

Vicky’s real plan is revenge – revenge for her father, the farmer.

Happy to Help is an acerbic comedy about ‘progress’ and its consequences.





Josh – male, early to mid 20s, shelf stacker

Tony Manning – male, late 30s/40s, managing director of Frisca Supermarket UK

Vicky – female, 30s, store manager

Elliot – male, early 20s, checkout cashier, crush on Josh, union leader


Played by same actor:

Ned – male, 40s, farmer

Huck Lansing – male, 40s, Texan, CEO of supermarket chain



Played by same actor:

Celebrity/woman – 30s

Myra – a Frisca supervisor