“Amateur Drama at its best in South West London...”



In pre-war Germany Helga prepares to send her only daughter Eva to Britain as part of the Kindertransport which took Jewish children out of Germany to escape Nazi persecution. In the present day Evelyn, a middle aged Englishwoman prepares to help her daughter Faith to leave home for the first time. In searching through the contents of her mother’s storage room Faith discovers documents and other items that are unknown to her. As she questions Evelyn and her grandmother Lil about these items it becomes clear that her mother is Eva, adopted by Lil and assimilated into her English family at the expense of her own culture.

Kindertransport is a powerful and touching study of the importance of nature versus nurture and the expense at which mother-daughter bonds are broken; and letting go – of the past and of your children.


Extract from NODA Review by Tony Sweeney

This was a stunning piece of drama that left many in the audience in tears; so powerful and so moving, this is the sort of material that makes the theatre a Mecca for the exploration of the human condition.  Well written and delivered by a strong cast that had no weak link this was truly excellent work.  Based on the true story of the evacuation of Jewish children without their parents from Germany to England just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War this really touched a nerve.  It never ceases to amaze me that the magnitude of history can be expressed so strongly through examining the lives of those who lived it.  This was a play that blew your socks off and one that will stay long in the memory.  This must have been an emotionally draining show to perform; that it worked so well made it a triumph.



Evelyn – Julia Coleman
Eva – Joanna Dodd
Helga – Ruth Lo
Faith – Veronica Montalbetti
Lil – Pat Driver
Ratcatcher/Official/Organiser/ – Paul Checkley
Postman/Guard -
Testimony – Sian Ashworth


Director – Peter Brooker
Sound Operator – Ian Pring
Catering Manager – Amanda Clark
Lighting Design – Callun Lewis
Lighting Operator – Ashley Malster
Front of House  – Orna Joseph