“Amateur Drama at its best in South West London...”

Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger

In ‘Look Back in Anger’ we meet theatre’s archetypal Angry Young Man.  Jimmy Porter feels trapped in his marriage, his job, even his flat.  He takes out his resentment on his best friend Cliff and his wife Alison.  But neither of them can take much more – and now Alison is pregnant.  This emotional tinderbox is lit when Alison’s best friend Helena comes to stay…

First performed in 1956, ‘Look Back in Anger’ was revolutionary in its controversial portrayal of the lives of ordinary young people in a society at odds with itself as the last of the British Empire crumbled. Many imitators followed, but few match ‘Look Back In Anger’ for raw power, unexpected humour and the portrayal of relationships in meltdown.


Jimmy Porter – Peter Nower
Cliff Lewis – Ashley Jarvis
Alison Porter – Stephanie Gaydon
Helena Charles – Katie Bryan
Colonel Redfern – Paul Johnson


Director – Becca Duke
Assistant Director – Ian Pring
Sound Operator – Joanna Dodd
Stage Manager – Amanda Clark
Lighting – Julia Coleman
Prompt – Olga Molloy