“Amateur Drama at its best in South West London...”

My Romantic History

By D C Jackson

Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 October 2013, St Anne’s Hall, Wandsworth.

When Tom starts a new job, he doesn’t expect that after work drinks will lead to a drunken and clumsy one-night stand with his new workmate Amy. But suddenly Tom and Amy find themselves locked into a relationship neither wants. Hovering in the background are the ghosts and regrets of their romantic pasts. DC Jackson’s play is a sharp, sassy and hilariously filthy comedy about how awful we can be to each other.


A caustic anti-romantic comedy, My Romantic History is both very rude and very real. This is a play for anyone who has woken up embarrassed in a strange bed, wondered why their friends are all coupled up, got a dumb tattoo, or pined for their first love…

My Romantic History won a Scotsman Fringe First at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival.


Extract from the National Operatic and Drama Association Review:

“This is a relatively new play having emerged at the fringe in the last few years and thus has very little history (and therefore no preconceptions). Thus it was a brave decision to put it on, yet it’s a decision that really paid off. Some strong character types, all of which are familiar to all in the modern world were examined from a number of angles, over time and individual perspectives and this was at the heart of its appeal.

 I liked the way situations were examined and re-examined from each participant’s perspective and how this allowed us to have a much greater insight into relationships and how they work. Drawing on the past also helped define the character since we are all the product of our experiences. Some exceptionally brilliant writing made the play extremely engaging and pertinent and the effort in concentration required of the audience was well worth it and the result rewarding”

Read the full review: My Romantic History – NODA review




Tom – Colin Sheehan
Amy – Ailsa Wright
Sasha – Becca Stafford
Alison/Tom’s Mum - Leah Quinn
Calvin – Peter Nower
Jessie/Watto/Ex boyfriends - Eammon O’Reilly
Amy’s Mum/Ex girlfriends/Receptionist  - Ruth Lo



Director – Orna Josepha
Assistant Directors / Producers – Joanna Dodd, Stephanie Kendrick
Sound – Stephanie Kendrick
Lighting – Veronica Montalbetti