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Rapunzel auditions

Rapunzel auditions

This year our panto is Rapunzel.

Auditions will be held Sunday 14 October  at 7.30pm. All auditions take place at St Ann’s Church Hall. This is a cast of 12  so plenty of opportunities to get involved.

There will be nine performance between 18-27 January with Tech and Dress on the weekend of 12 & 13 January. Rehearsals are every Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon, throughout November, December & January. To be cast you must be available to attend tech and dress and be available for at least 90% of  all rehearsals (and show dates of course!)


Mr and Mrs Nutterson’s new baby is called Rapunzel, after the flower which Mrs Nutterson ate during her pregnancy. Their evil neighbour Mother Gothel knows that the flower holds the secret of eternal youth! Mother Gothel realises that Rapunzel has inherited this power, demands to take the baby, and locks her away in a tower. Years later, a Prince helps Rapunzel to escape. But can they both avoid the clutches of Mother Gothel and her devious daughters? (Spoiler alert: Yes, they can).

THE CAST: 4 m, 5 f, 3 m or f

Mrs Nutterson m
Dame Nutterson goes through the trials of pregnancy, birth, and the theft of her child, and is determined to put the rest of us through it, too. Never one to stay quiet if there is a complaint to be made, she makes life hell for the hospital staff, hubby Ernest, and especially the audience! (song, chase, finale)

Mr Nutterson m
Also known as Ernest, or ‘Oi, you’, he is a long-suffering other half of limited brightness. (Well, he did marry Mrs N in the first place). (chase, finale)

Rapunzel f
Seen as a baby in the first four scenes, Rapunzel makes her entrance in the first tower scene, as the action moves forward twenty years. She is smart but naïve. Upon her escape from the tower, she has to adapt quickly to an outside world which she has never before experienced.
(song, window climb, chase, finale)
Notes: potentially a chance for a (serious) solo song for a Rapunzel who is prepared to sing

Doctor m
The Doc is a small role, with two scenes, early in Act One, then at the end of the show. This slightly unhinged health professional delivers the baby, and is also the bearer of extraordinary news in the final scene. (finale)
Notes: will be a male role, as this works best with the script and the gags

Mother Gothel f
She is the embodiment of evil – a woman with no morals, no saving graces, and no conscience. Her desperate search for eternal youth leads to her inexcusable actions.
(song, window climb, well climb, chase)

Moth and Goth (MG’s daughters) both f
More concerned with playing aeroplanes than helping Mother, these are two weird, monosyllabic creatures with a villainous streak.
(song, well climb)
Notes: I’m looking for distinctive voices and movement for these two, particularly as they don’t say much. They could sound similar, or completely different, as long as they are both odd and memorable. Thought about having them played by males, but it’s less confusing to our audience to cast these with two females

Prince m
A wandering royal who happens to wander directly under the window of Rapunzel’s tower. He climbs, he plots an escape, he falls, he is concussed, and then he tricks Mother Gothel with the help of the audience volunteer… all in a day’s work for our royal hero. (window climb, well climb, finale)

Storyteller f
The narrator of the tale. She experiences a difficult relationship with Mrs Nutterson as she attempts to tell the story, and eventually becomes swept up into the story herself. (chase, finale)

Foxie, Bun and Bear all m or f
A trio of talking forest animals, who keep their secret, until it becomes absolutely necessary to speak in order to help the Nuttersons to save Rapunzel (full size animal costumes and heads, ‘animal’ voices, dance routine, chase, finale)
Notes: These costumes are ‘one size fits all’, and this means up to about 5’ 9”. If you’re taller than this, you probably won’t fit in them, unfortunately. The heads have limited vision and the muzzle is at mouth level, so it is difficult to speak loudly and clearly. I’ll bring the heads and we’ll be using them at audition, so bear this in mind (no pun intended) when considering the animal roles. Let me know if you want to try them out prior to the 14th.

Click here for the audition pieces.

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