“Amateur Drama at its best in South West London...”

Scene Unseen 2 – New Writing @ Wandsworth Fringe, 20/21 May 2017

Scene Unseen 2 – New Writing @ Wandsworth Fringe, 20/21 May 2017

Part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe

Performance dates

Sat 20 May 2017, 2 pm  SOLD OUT
Sun 21 May 2017, 2 pm
Sun 21 May 2017, 5 pm
Upstairs at The Duchess Pub, Battersea


Following last year’s sell-out shows, New Stagers are back with another selection of original short plays, all written by and starring local talent. Described as ‘clever’ and ‘delightful’, our showcase of new theatre explores a diverse range of themes- not to be missed!

This event will mark the first public performance of these plays.  Where else can you see 7 shows premiered in one sitting?

Please note that some of these plays contain strong language.




Synopsis of the Plays


The Lesson by Katie Bryan.  Woman is critical, doubting and judgmental.. of herself.   Indecision and uncertainty plague her everyday life.  There’s a strength within but buried deep, struggling to surface.  Woman is every one  of us who has ever questioned a decision, however small.

Out With The Old by Emma Jamieson.    Amidst the frenetic urban growth and redevelopment of an iconic South London shopping centre, a tender love story develops over mugs of tea.

Perfect Day by Joanna Dodd.  High up on a hill, surrounded by beautiful countryside, Angus has planned a romantic gesture for Sarah. But things don’t go quite as he’d imagined.

The President’s Man by Gregor Stolz.   Unhappy with the incumbent president a blue-collar worker down on his luck decides to take action.

The Quiz by Ashley Malster.  Gina needs cheering up after the recent death of her husband. Her friends think a Pub Quiz will do the trick. What could possibly go wrong?

The Wedding Table by Kate Bromage. It’s Maria and Charlie’s big day and a table of strangers, the leftovers of a table plan, share small talk and begin to unravel as the free wine continues to flow.

Relationship Status by Colin Sheehan. Cat has finally met a man. The man. She has the relationship she always wanted. All she has to do now is tell people about it and let everyone know. Everyone!



The Company

Ailsa Wright, Ashley Malster, Becca Stafford , Ben Ellis, Colin Sheehan, Debby Thomas, Eamonn O’Reilly, Emma Jamieson, Gregor Stolz, Joanna Dodd, Julia Bromage, Julia Coleman, Kate Bromage, Katie Bryan, Laura Parsons, Richard Allport, Sian Ashworth, Steven Beard, Vanessa Marchant, Veronica Montalbetti