“Amateur Drama at its best in South West London...”

Scene Unseen 4

Scene Unseen is back for 2019!

Run as part of the Wandsworth Fringe, Scene Unseen is a unique production featuring six new short plays – all written, produced and staged by our members!

Now in its fourth year, our six new short plays are:

Hello Plant, written by Veronica Montalbetti
“I am not lonely” Having to defend your love life, or lack of, to your house plant isn’t always easy. But to be clear, Clare is not lonely. She lives alone and talks to her plant but that doesn’t make her lonely. Hello Wall is a two-hander that explores the topic of loneliness through the relationship of a woman and her plant.

Not so brief encounter, written by, Vanessa Marchant
It’s all about love; that moment you realise you love someone and you just want to tell them. It’s also about expectations; that moment when you feel pressured into doing something the ‘right’ way. It’s all about reality; when life throws a curve ball and you realise how silly it is to try and have control.

Time To Go, written by Alex Piggins
With the outside world in disarray, two prisoners are forced to make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Accidental, written by Olly Jones
Rhys is uneasy about the casual relationship he is having with Gemma, feeling that she wants something more serious. There follows a revelation that will change their lives forever.

The Morning After, written by Kate Bromage
Jess and James wake up in bed together after a drunken one night stand. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful relationship or an awkward early morning exit?

Parks & Meditation, written by Ashley Malster
One man finds that trying to meditate in the park at lunchtime is not that easy.”}”>One man finds that trying to quietly meditate in the park at lunchtime is not that easy.

Produced by: Kate Bromage, Joanna Dodd, Colin Sheehan

Members of Company

Liz Ashford, Sarah Brice, Kate Bromage, Janna Chapman, Laura Chisholm, Jon Davis, Joanna Dodd, Lauren Fassam, Jake Flint, Catherine Fox-Kirk, Olly Jones, Paul Johnson, Ashley Malster, Vanessa Marchant, Veronica Montalbetti, Eamonn O’Reilly, Alex Piggins, Hayley Richardson, Colin Sheehan, Ellie Stevens, Simon Truscott, Rob Walford,

Special thanks to: Sara Curnock Cook & Julia Coleman.