“Amateur Drama at its best in South West London...”

Scene Unseen

Scene Unseen

New Stagers are excited to announce our involvement, for the first time, in the Wandsworth Arts Fringe.

Departing from our usual format of performing full-length established plays, Scene Unseen will present a selection of new short plays written by local writers.  This event will mark the first public performance of these plays.

Our showcase features a diverse range of themes, with scripts ranging from silent romantic comedies and historical ‘what ifs’, right through to a dog’s eye view of modern relationships.



Saturday 14 May 7pm-9pm – SOLD OUT
Sunday 15 May 1pm-3pm – SOLD OUT

at The Duchess pub, 101 Battersea Park Road

Please note that some of these plays contain strong language.

Synopsis of the plays

The Spark by Joanna Dodd.   The private moment behind a famous historical event that set London ablaze and almost destroyed the city.

New Balls Please by Richard Allport. A classic tale of a dog’s love for his ball and what happens when that ball is replaced by a newer model!

Once Bitten by Veronica Montalbetti.  Set in a police interrogation room, a veterinary nurse answers police questions regarding her husband’s death. As the interview progresses we learn the true nature of their marriage and gain a glimpse into her troubled thoughts on the value of life.

Screen Chaser by Colin Sheehan.  Becki is ambitious, smart and busy carving out her path to success. Her drive to prove herself leads to an appearance on a TV quiz show… which does not go to plan. As her actions, personality and morals are called into question, Becki quickly realises she now needs a new plan to deal with the consequences.

Helpless by Gregor Stolz.  A professional couple finds a homeless person outside their flat and try to help him.

The Commute by Kate Bromage.  A modern day romance played out on a train station platform over the course of one week as a girl and guy work up the courage to say hello.


The Company

Abby Freeman, Ailsa Wright, Ashley Malster, Colin Sheehan, Damian Stuart, David Amos, Eamonn O’Reilly, Gregor Stolz, Joanna Dodd, Julia Porter, Kate Bromage, Katie Bryan, Lloyd Smith, Lucinda Lane, Richard Allport, Vanessa Marchant, Veronica Montalbetti