“Amateur Drama at its best in South West London...”

The Heiress

The Heiress

by Ruth and Augustus Goetz


Wednesday 23 July to Saturday 26 July 2014 at St Anne’s Hall, Wandsworth



“The Heiress” is a powerful drama about sexual politics, class and money in 1840s America, a society about to be torn apart by civil war.

Catherine is a plain but highly eligible heiress, courtesy of the fortune she stands to inherit from her father.

Catherine falls for the charm of smooth-talking suitor Morris. But her father won’t allow a marriage, fearing Morris is a low-class gold-digger. The scene is set for a battle of wills between father and daughter.


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Joanna Dodd – Catherine Sloper
Dominic Alan-Smith – Morris Townsend
David St Clare Nelson – Dr  Austin Sloper
Orna Joseph – Lavinia Penniman
Julia Coleman – Elizabeth Almond
Laura Parsons – Marian Almond
Amanda Clarke – Mrs Montgomery
Colin Sheehan – Arthur Townsend
Lucinda Lane – Maria



Patricia Driver – Director
Emma Burley, Veronica Montalbetti – Assistant Directors
Sharron Stubbs – Producer
Christina Myers – Stage Manager
Mark Stannett – Lighting Design & Operator
Richard Allport – Sound Operator
Emma Burley – Prompt
Katie Bryan – Front of House



Photos from The Heiress